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70 discs as of 25-Apr-2006

Movie and Musical Soundtracks

Various artists
Annie [columbia ck 34712] [j037]
Annie Warbucks [j037]
Cats [2x] [j105]
Cats [2x] [j105]
Center Stage, Music From The Motion Picture [j192] New 28-Apr-2006
Chorus Line, A [j105]
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat [j105]
Les Misérables - Original Broadway Cast Recording [2x] [j043]
Les Misérables - Original Broadway Cast Recording [2x] [j043]
Moulin Rouge [j153]
O Brother, Where Art Thou? [lost highway 088 170-069-2 dg02] '00 [j153]
Highlights from Phantom of the Opera, The [j037]
Reality Bites [j092]
Shrek 2 New 28-Apr-2006
West Side Story [j105]
Secret Garden, The [columbia ck 48817] [j037]
Various artists
Songs from Dawsons Creek [j052]
How Stella Got Her Groove Back [j037]
Rugrats Movie, The: Music from the Motion Picture [j060]

Previous discards(?)

Aladdin [disney cd 60846] [j106] [j108]

Office (Discard Candidates)

Lion King[disney 60858-7] [j047]
All time greatest movie songs, The [sony music soundtrax ek 69879] '99 [j043]


Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine
mi tierra [epic ek 53807] [j036]
hold me thrill me kiss me [epic ek 66205] [j036]
Destiny '96 [j037] [j075]
Christmas Through Your Eyes [j045]
Cuts Both Ways [j094]
Gloria! [j094]
Into The Light [j094]
Alma Caribeña (Caribbean Soul) [epic ek 62163] '00 [j129]
Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine
greatest hits [epic ek 53046] [j036]
Let it Loose [epic ek 40769] '87 [j036]

Pop by Artist

Decemberists, The New 28-Apr-2006
Her Majesty [j191/194] '03 New 28-Apr-2006
Picaresque [j191/194] '05 New 28-Apr-2006
Dion, Celine
These Are Special Times [j045]
Five For Fighting
America Town [aware/columbia ck 63759] '00 [j153]
Jones, Norah New 25-Apr-2006
Feels Like Home [j190] New 25-Apr-2006
Kool and the Gang
Celebration - Best Of 1979-1987 [j153]
Crosby Collection, The
Merry Christmas! 1998 [j058]
Lavigne, Avril
Let Go [j155]
Afro-Cuban All Stars
A Toda Cuba le Gusta [world circuit/nonesuch 79476-2] '97 [j047]
Keys, Alicia
Songs in A Minor [j-records 80813-20002-2 re-1] '01 [j152]
Life Is Good [j records 80813-20006-2] '01 [j152]
Who, The
tommy [mca mad-10801] [j036]

Bainbridge, Merril
The Garden [j001]
Bega, Lou
A little bit of Mambo [rca 07863 67887-2] '99 [j036]
Cubana, Charanga
De Nuevo Sigue La Añoranza [j119]
Dixie Chicks
Fly [j092]
Morissette, Alanis
jagged little pill [j037]
No Doubt
Return of Saturn [j092]
Who, The
who's greatest hits [mca mcad-1496] [j036]
Pure Moods
Pure Moods [virgin 7243 8 42186 2 1] '96 [j011]

Enema of the State [mca mcade-11950] '99 [j047]
Cruz, Celia
Mi vida es cantar [RMM rmd 82068]
I Ain't Movin' [550 music/epic bk 64324] '94 [j052]
Dion, Celine
Falling Into You [epic bk 67541] '96 [j037]
Imbruglia, Natalie
Left Of The Middle [j036]
Lopez, Jennifer
On the 6
No Doubt
Tragic Kingdom [j037]
Mis Mejores Canciones [j036]
Selena-The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [j060]
Ven Conmigo [j060]
Vinton, Bobby
bobby vinton's greatest hits [sony a15819] [j043]
Various Artists
VH1 Divas Live [j092]
VH1 Divas Live/99 [j092]


Ace of Base
Cruel Summer [arista 07822-19021-2] '98 [j060]
Cantrell, Blu
No Doubt
The Beacon Street Collection [j060]
Vinton, Bobby
bobby vinton's greatest hits [epic ek 26098]
Kissin' Christmas [legacy/epic ek 64784] [j058]

Office (Discard Candidates)

Braxton, Toni
Toni Braxton [j060]
Carey, Mariah
#1's [j043]
Etheridge, Melissa
Yes I Am [j043]
Jackson, Janet
the velvet rope [virgin 7243 8 44762 2 9] [j047]
Loeb, Lisa
Firecracker [j037]
Loeb, Lisa, and Nine Stories
Tails [j092]
Mya [j043]
Smith, Will
Big Willie Style [columbia ck 68683] '97 [j047]
Sparkle [rock land/interscope intd-90149] '98 [j037]
Spice Girls
Spiceworld [virgin 7243 8 45111 2 8] [j043]
Spice [j153]
Fan Mail [laface 73008-26055-2] '99 [j052]
Crazy Sexy Cool [j075]

About the House

Various Artists
Lilith Fair [j092]
Great Tomato Blues Package disc 1 [j092]
Great Tomato Blues Package disc 2 [j092]

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